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Welcome to Zerksus Engineering           South African based 


Things have been quiet on the commercial side. A lot of effort has gone into contracts dealing directly with clients and that has served us well. But the itch is always there to be a bit more creative and have products to sell. Hopefully the website will start to have some more products and services available.

New capabilities by Q2 2015:
  • 3meter x 2 meter plasma cutter. Currently we will only be able to cut mild steel up to 5mm and stainless up to 2mm. Hopefully this machine will be running 24/7.
  • CO2 laser (around June) on the 3m x 2m platform. This is only planned as a 90W laser for acrylic/perspex and plywood. No metal.
  • Large format 3D printer.  We already have a common RepRap 20cm x 20cm 3D printer but there is a need for a much higher speed and powerful printer that can do larger parts. Seeing that all the manufacturing is done in-house please let me know if there are any needs for really large 3D printers (like 1meter x 1meter). For printers these sizes it will not use filament but extrude directly from the raw material. 
  • 40cm  x 40cm x 10cm CNC router. This is mainly used to route PCBs, drill holes and machine small-ish boxes. But we are procuring a 2.2kW high speed spindle for it, so it should prove to be useful for many other tasks. For now only non-metal machining. 
  • LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) for PCB manufacturing. The first machine is up and running but can only do 6.5cm x 10cm PCBs. The laser throws a 20um spot but the step size if 16um. Keep in mind 1mil = 24.5um, so currently the unit cannot make perfect increments in mil scale. But the resolution is still excellent. Track and gap size varies on PCB copper thichness. You can get 6 mils on 35um copper and as small as 3mils on 18um copper. It is a rapid manufacturing process but unfortunately still slow. The system takes normal Gerber files and generates either raster (slow) or vector (much faster but more error prone to mechanical variants) outputs. We can make single or double sided PCBs but for now it won't be through hole plated. The PCBs can be made with "solder mask" which is made with the normal negative resist but heat modified after development. It is fairly resistant to temporary soldering heat and even thinners (as flux remover) but gets attacked by bases (like caustic soda). Again, this is for rapid prototyping. Also no silk screen/legend. This can be done as a subtractive process on the soldermask. This system is used to quickly make 1 or 2 boards (same day) that will normally take 2 to 3 days elsewhere and also at resolutions better than normal photographic processes. A larger machine is planned but I must warn that PCBs will be expensive as it is very labour intensive.
  •  The LDI machine can be used to make quick break-out boards for difficult to mount SMD components. Think for instance how you would do a quick evaluation of a 3mm x 3mm, 16 pin QFN ST accel sensor. The LDI process will allow a designer to pick up a component at e.g. RS Components today, quickly CAD a postage stamp size carrier and have it ready somewhere during the next day for breadboarding.  Years ago, when all the components were through hole, you could do this on strip board/Vero board but now more and more components are coming out in these difficult to use, small sizes. This generally requires the manufacture of a production PCB that not only costs a lot, takes lots of manufacturing time but also takes a lot of your time in making sure that the design is 100%. I know that many of you have a box full of little, interesting components, bought over many years that you never had the time or money to quickly test/evaluate that are probably already obsolete by now.
We still continue to design and manufacture special power supplies, FPGA and CPU cards, modules (like GSM/GPS), stepper motor drives and many other types of circuits. We are also still committed to fuel saving research.

For interest sake we have quite a few HHO power supplies available due to the fact that the contract lapsed with our one client (constant 20A per PSU from 12V or 24V vehicle battery input). Also great to increase fuel efficiency for generators during our country's wonderful loadshedding. Talk to me about it.

Drop me an email to victor@zerksus.com



Zerksus is a design and manufacturing business specializing in electronics. Zerksus was founded in1997 and is dedicated to long term relationships with clients.

We are able to assist with custom designs and manufacturing as well as the supply with standard products to make your life easier. We specialize in security systems, vehicle tracking, FPGAs, microcontrollers and power supplies. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to email us at info@zerksus.com .

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